Onset Capital Partners, LLC is a dynamic and emerging, global asset manager. Onset Capital’s primary focus is to be a global platform of multi asset class alternative funds focused on emerging or niche sectors, wealth management, and outsourced institutional investment services. Onset Capital’s investment thesis has remained consistent in that the firm will offer a variety of general and specialized investment vehicles across various disciplines that will explore inefficiencies in the global market as a result of capital markets dislocation, mispricing of risk and information asymmetries.

The current global economic conditions have created an ideal opportunity to develop a minority-owned asset management firm with economic scale, and Onset Capital is poised to capitalize. In each focus area, Onset Capital will maintain a disciplined investment approach. In particular, Onset Capital intends to:

  • Identify and create investment opportunities that have asymmetric risk/reward profiles, which will create less enterprise volatility;
  • Participate actively in the management and monitoring of investments, including providing investment input, guidance, and services related to marketing, investor relations, research, and back office infrastructure; and
  • Launch investing programs in areas that are niche, (emerging, or traditionally avoided by alternative asset participants; or where fund managers have extensive domain expertise. Notably, Onset Capital has already identified the following four areas that would provide unique access to investment opportunities: (i) distressed US residential real estate (ii) niche areas within real assets (iii) specialty finance and (iv) emerging markets.